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What We Do

Today's challenging healthcare environment demands new, more effective solutions to stem rising costs. Self Insured Plans works to keep healthcare plan expenses in line and quality care at the forefront. Whether your organization is large or small, we can help create a highly effective self-funded strategy that will control costs, keep you better informed and support happier, healthier employees.

Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) Plans

Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plans allow companies to cost-effectively provide employees with health plan coverage required under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Employees get access to preventive care and other programs that encourage wellness, while companies avoid paying costly tax penalties for non-compliance. For the fundamentals of MEC Plans, watch this short video.

SIP believes the more companies and their employees know and understand about today's group health plan options, the more likely they will make wise health plan choices. That's why we're providing access to free, informational videos.

If your health plan partner does not provide access to these types of videos and educational tools, then you may not be working with the right partner. At SIP, we've been helping companies save money with high quality, cost-effective self funded health plan solutions for more than 50 years.

To determine if a MEC Plan is right for you, contact Self Insured Plans today. 


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